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This is a work in progress, as many transactions must be calculated.

This page is a supplement to the Bank, as a post count and point numbers do not tell the full story.

A √ indicates that this character's history is accurate, though there may be new information and it may be out of date. These will be abolished, as will this notice, when this page is no longer a WIP, and all characters are filled in, or that is to say, √-ed.

All dates are European style.

Alexis Nolvai[]

Post 10/10/10: +5 points

Post 03/10/10: +5 points

Post 30/09/10: +5 points

Caroline Munroe[]

Post 30/09/10: +4 points

Eli Freeman[]

Post 16/01/11: +2 points

Post 17/08/10: +5 points

Author compulsively wiki editing around the time of the birth of the wiki: +3 bonus points


This spot intentionally left blank, until Arris gets off her ass and does something.

Kumo Strife[]

Post 03/10/10: +4 points, +2 points to balance and +2 points to debt.

Post 30/09/10: +5 points, +2 points to balance and +3 points to debt.

Familiar on start, triggering Familiar debt: -15 points to debt.

Zeke the Hedgehog[]

Post 16/01/11: +1 point

Post 29/11/10: +2 points

Post 30/09/10: +5 points

Original creator of the Academy storybook: +5 bonus points