Academy for Heroes-in-Training Wiki

The Shop is an out of character shop from which the drivers can buy various items for their characters to use in the storybook. These items include level-ups, weapons, and familiars. Points counts can be found here

Shop Inventory[]

Characters and Levels[]

Level up for character: 15 points

Level up for familiar: 5 points

Buy a familiar: 15 points

New Character: You are allowed to create a new one after 20+ posts.

Weapon Levels[]

Level 0 - You can barely hit anything moving. If your weapon has a backlash (whips and swords), you will get hurt quite badly. Bazookas will send you toppling backward. Guns will run out of ammo really quickly.

Level 1 - You can hit a moving elephant now. Target must be huge and slow to get hit. Backlash and lack of ammo still a problem.

Level 2 - Medium-sized objects can be hit now, as long as they're not moving too fast.

Level 3 - Backlash and lack of ammo disappear.

Level 4 - Fast-moving objects can now be hit.

Level 5 - You can circumcise a fly zipping around now.



  • 12 points
  • FUCK YEAH. That is all.
  • Oh, the amount of ammo is small.
  • Each upgrade costs eight points.


  • 8 points
  • Will cause pain in earlier levels.
  • Each upgrade costs five points.

Semi-Automatic Handgun

  • 10 Points
  • Become a trigger happy madman!
  • Each upgrade costs seven points.

Twin Hand-Guns

  • 13 points
  • Far more efficient that the other weapons
  • Each upgrade costs nine points.

Chain Whip

  • 10 points
  • This hurts. A Lot. Major damage, but can cause trouble during lower levels.
  • Each upgrade costs seven points.

Twin Chain Whips

  • 12 points
  • Much harder to control than normal whips or a single chain whip. Has dangerous backlash.
  • Each upgrade costs ten points

Single Whip

  • 5 points
  • Much, much handier than a sword.
  • Each upgrade costs five points.

Twin Whips

  • 8 points
  • Harder to control than a single whip, but does more damage.
  • Each upgrade costs seven points

Two Handed Sword

  • 5 points
  • Normal sword, no magic
  • Each upgrade costs four points

Twin Swords

  • 8 points
  • Does more damage than a two handed sword
  • Each upgrade costs six points

Twin Daggers

  • 7 points
  • Allows better mobility than a sword, but less range.
  • Each upgrade costs six points

Small Knife Collection

  • 9 points
  • Mostly thrown weapons
  • Each upgrade costs six points.


Single Dorm

  • 5 points
  • Boring as hell
  • Less interesting than watching paint dry, which you will be doing.


  • 6 points
  • Cannot work as a chain whip