Academy for Heroes-in-Training Wiki

The dormitories are where the students of the Academy reside, and it's where they spend the majority of their time. Or are expected to, anyway.


The dormitories were built in the late 1600s, so that the Academy's students would not be at risk for being burned at the stake as witches for their uncanny habit of disappearing and reappearing out of nowhere. They originally started out as wooden cabins, but these cabins were eventually deemed unsafe and were rebuilt in the 1800s, and again in the mid-1900s. They have been maintained well, but have not been rebuilt since the last renovation during the 1920s. The boy's dorm is called the M. C. Bo Domicile, while the female dorm is called the C. R. Nut Residence.


Each dormitory has twelve floors, plus the ground floor. Both dormitories' ground floors are lounges, and students of the opposite gender are generally entertained in the lounges. The school administration frowns upon students of the opposite gender going further than the ground floor. The second floor is a cornucopia of various rooms, including but not limited to the laundry room, study room, and the common kitchenette.

Although from the outside the building seems unremarkable, it's actually an illusion. From the inside, each floor is vastly different: some have shuttered windows, others have curtains, and a few have walls of pure glass. Most of the floors have balconies, but the ones on the top floor have to make do with a skylight.

Every floor is occupied by two students assigned randomly by the administration, and is named after a city visited at least once by a superhero. The names also hint at the theme of the residence, and each residence is unique to itself. The only way to access the residence is by slotting in the card key given to you by the administration into a slit in the elevator. It automatically takes you to your own floor, and thus it's impossible to visit dorms other than you own, stealing a card key aside.


Townsville Hall[]

Kumo and Caroline occupy this pink, green, and blue-themed flat located on the third floor of the C. R. Nut Residence. It's full of fluffy toys and candy, as expected of its name. It's also got several jars of pickles lying handy, and adorable phones with faces. It also has a little lab section tucked inside it.

Gotham Hall[]

Alexis and Kiat reside on the fourth floor of the C. R. Nut Residence. The gray-and-black walls of this residence scream sleek sensibility, and seamlessly blend Victorian and modern architecture. It's furnished with expensive antiques and lined with portraits, and gargoyles adorn the windows.

Whatever this dorm is called[]

This is where Eli and Rachel live because Rachel is a new addition and we forgot to include Eli because we suck.

Coruscant Residence[]

Resting on the top floor of the M. C. Bo Domicile, the Coruscant Residence is occupied by none other than the twin Vi Britannia princes. Like its namesake Coruscant, it's technologically advanced and is marked by postmodernist architecture and furniture. It is one of the aforementioned few to have a wall of pure glass, allowing for a magnificent view. Doors open automatically. By far one of the most comfortable residences, although it's quite difficult to adjust to if you're not used to such advanced technology.

Coronet Residence[]

The Coronet Residence is called home by the speedsters Zeke and Emmett, who find solace in its earthy browns and reds. It's got plenty of space for both to run around and is reminiscent of a Greek temple, spacious and peppered with large pillars. Doors are made of iron grills, and ornately decorated. Has a cool marble bath that resembles a swimming pool but has no showers.