Academy for Heroes-in-Training Wiki

The Academy as of the third storybook

The Academy for Heroes-in-Training is the titular institution that is the focus of the Academy for Heroes-in-Training storybooks on YWS. Though its structure has changed over its many incarnations, its intent has remained the same throughout: to prepare young heroes-to-be for their futures as crimefighters.

In the Original Academy[]

The first time the Academy was seen, its structure was not specified. All that was known of it was some dorm rooms, a cafeteria, a classroom (which exploded soon after) and an outdoor area.

In the Academy Redux[]

The Academy Map from Redux

In the second storybook, the Academy as well as the storybook's structure was overhauled. A proper map was created displaying all of the Academy's buildings, including dorm buildings, a familiar stable, separate classrooms for beginner and advanced students, an admin building and cafeteria. A list of teachers and subjects was also created.

In the third Academy[]

In the upcoming third storybook, the Academy has once again undergone some cosmetic changes. The many buildings of the second incarnation have been merged into four, with separate dorm buildings for male & female characters, one large building at the front for training and administration and a taller one at the back for recreation and eating. The south-western portion of a lake also makes up part of the Academy's grounds.

The world of Academy[]

Up until the third Academy, none of the world outside the Academy was seen (a glimpse of forest was seen in the second storybook, but was implied to be part of the Academy grounds). In fact, it was heavily implied in Redux that there was no area outside the Academy, it existing on some sort of micro-planet.

The third storybook will change that, as a map of the Academy World has been made up. The Academy exists as part of a thus-far unnamed region.