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Stavet Morgal (Tav) is the Lycan son of Sveta, queen of the Beast Kingdom of Morgal (Golden Sun universe), and an unknown father. Like his mother, he is a werewolf that is capable of controlling his power of shape-shifting. In his human form, he is slender, yet still well-toned. He still shows signs of his beastly genealogy, even when humanized. His ears are elongated, and his hair is rugged; his fingernails are longer than average and sharp, just as his canine teeth. In beastly form, he has black fur and what appears to be a mane of sorts. His claws elongate, though he remains bipedal as a human. He maintains his ability to speak, though his voice takes on a beastly undertone, a growl per se.


Given his family and history, Stavet has incredible defensive power, as well as a wicked ability to dish out a hit. He is seen in his homeland as the ideal combatant, having astounding stamina, strength, and speed. His downfall, however, is in his lack of mental defense. While his deductive reasoning and typical brain functions are just as good as any other human, his ability to sustain control over his thoughts in light of a new, incepted idea is hazardously low.