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Red and Pichu.

Red Ketchum is an NPC that appears in the Academy storybook canon. He is a Pokemon Trainer from the Pokeverse.

In the Academy Redux[]

Red was seen to have a Pichu, Arcanine and Swellow. His first appearance was when Bart, preparing for a fight with Nolan, stole Red's Pichu in order to have a "battery" on hand. Later, during the slime invasion, Red joined the "rebels" when he was found by Zeke. He then stayed at the stable to barricade the building and keep the familiars calm.

In Academy III[]

It has been confirmed that Red will appear in Academy III with a team consisting of a shiny Pichu, Bulbasaur and Munchlax, as well as a Pokemon Egg and Fossil. His team will be based off that of Red in Pokemon Adventures.


Red is a kind hearted, and gentle boy. He has a deep seated love for nature, and could spend hours just lying in the grass, listening to the hums of the forest around him. No matter what, Red will always trust you, he does not have a limit of chances he will give you, this is not to say he is a push-over, because if you hurt him, he will come at you. With his Pokemon he is like a Kindergarten teacher, taking things slowly, gently, and never rushing, with constant praise, and treats them like his babies.


Red is a Pokemon trainer, which means he controls a small squad of battle monsters, which have varied abilities. Unlike in the games, he is not bound to six Pokemon for his team, but will not have a massive team either.

Bulbasaur: Synthesis, Sleep Powder, Vine Whip, Leech Seed.

Munchlax: Metronome, Tackle, Lick, Odor Sleuth

Pich: Thundershock, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack, Flash,


  • The name Ketchum and presence of a Pikachu-related Pokemon in Red's party suggest he is a descendant of Ash Ketchum from the Pokemon anime series.
  • His first name Red is a nod to the Pokemon Pokemon Adventures manga's character of the same name. Incidentally, his appearance is identical to that character.