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Kiat is descended from both Kirby and Jigglypuff, therefore inheriting many of their abilities.


Kiat grew up in a small town where everyone knew each other and went to the same small school. She had a few friends, but mostly stayed at home and stayed around her family. She was often teased by other people about her pink, blob-like appearance; which is part of why she agreed so readily to go to the Academy for Heroes-in-Training. She is closely descended from Kirby and Jigglypuff, and is shaped somewhat like Jigglypuff with similar eyes, though more coloured like Kirby. Her parents sent her to the Academy for Heroes-in-Training when she turned 17.


Kiat is confident yet shy at the same time. She enjoys being around other people and socializing, though she may become slightly rude if pestered. She is often nicer and more personable with people once she gets to know them, and has a good sense of humour. She likes misfit items, like her ripped and partially deformed teddy bear, and a clumpy clay vase she has. She can make a good friend if someone has enough patience with her shyness. She can get a little huffy at teasing, but mostly ignores it.


Level 0: Basic flying, sucking/eating, and absorbing abilities.

Level 1: Can pull a giant hammer out of nowhere and hit people/things with it.

Level 2: Sing - Puts opponents to sleep by singing.

Level 3: Disable - Temporarily prevent an opponent from using their abilities.

Level 4: Cute Charm - If attacked by a sentient enemy, Kiat can activate this ability, which may force feelings of remorse and attraction into the enemy and prevent them from attacking further.

Level 5: Can suck up an opponent and copy their abilities temporarily.

Level 6: Can transform into Sword Kiat, giving her high offensive power and a sword.

Level 7: Hyper Voice - Emits a loud soundwave that damages the target and sends nearby enemies off-balance.

Level 8: Double-Edge - Slams into the target with massive force, dealing heavy damage and causing Kiat to take some damage as well.

Level 9: Can transform into Plasma Kiat, allowing her to charge up Plasma energy and use it either as a shield or a projectile blast.

Level 10: Can summon Dragoon, the legendary flight machine (without the need to go and collect all three pieces). While riding Dragoon Kiat flies much faster than usual, and can slam into or slice through enemies for maximum damage.


  • Kiat is driven by Firearris.
  • Kiat has appeared in both Redux and Academy III.
  • Kiat's personality and character hasn't changed very much, except for a few minor history changes.