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Giselle (Ella) Rivera is the daughter of Jubilee (X-Men) and a human father, Professor Eduardo Rivera. Given her mixed ancestry, Giselle has a rich sense of culture awareness and the complexion to match. Her skin is a delicate olive and her hair is silken black.


Giselle is a brilliant girl. Her dedication--or perhaps addiction--to victory drives her to become the best she can possibly be in the shortest amount of time. Ella is spunky and vital, reflecting the workings of her powers. Her greatest personal weakness is dark chocolate, to which she is a helpless slave.


Ella's powers are much like her mother's, concentrating sheer dynamic force through her hands. The major difference, though, that distinguishes Ella's powers is that she is capable of channeling the force through her feet and voice as well, giving her a more versatile range in power use. As she progresses through the Academy, Giselle will learn to channel power into explosive punches, spheres, beams, and even earthen tremors and vocal blasts. She is designated as a ranged blaster, though is capable of melee combat as well.