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Felix Blackwell[]

Felix is a character in the storybook The Academy for Heroes--In training

This is Felix.


Felix was born to a normal family, rather middle/low class. His parents were generally good people, doctors who travelled quite a bit for relief organizations into third world countries, but they did not possess any qualities that were considered above that of human. Upon discovering Felix’s powers at the age of 14, they were extremely upset, and their resentment and fear of him grew as his powers did. Upon turning 18, they asked him to leave their house, feeling that they had fulfilled their roles as parents and eager to be free of him.

Felix, unable to support himself at a young age when crippled by his OCD and neurosis, went to go live with his aunt, Avery, who knew that something was a bit off with him, but didn’t quite know what it was. Avery was an anomaly of a woman; she was in her late sixties at the time and owned a magic shop, obsessed with the art. Felix quickly picked it up and grew to love it, practicing tricks in his free time and perfecting them quickly with his meticulousness.

Avery was at first astonished by his quick learning and adept skill at magic tricks, but soon grew suspicious. It was then that she first started to notice his ability to make things seem other that what they really were, and understood his parents’ attitudes with him. Avery quickly grew uncomfortable with Felix, afraid that he was going to manipulate or trick her in just about every situation, even though it was apparent that he didn’t know what he was doing. It was this paranoia that led her asking him to leave soon afterwards.

Felix, confused and depressed, soon found himself without a home, lost in a world of filth and disorganization. Felix supported himself with street-side magic tricks, developing his abilities bit by bit in order to stay alive, unconscious of what exactly he was doing. Felix, not making enough money (despite his enormous talent), was forced to sleep in alleyways and created his own shelter from garbage. He refused to go to homeless shelters because everything was structured in a way that he didn’t understand and confrontation was inevitable with the others.

Felix says, "Hi."

His OCD became much more severe as he was incapable of providing the structure he needed. Something as familiar and easy to manipulate as his ability brought much needed comfort, but outside of it, there was only chaos. Felix, absolutely helpless, fell into twitching, almost constant panic attacks, and muttering to himself. Eventually, Felix was noticed by someone who recognized his instability and was taken to a hospital; Felix had had a complete mental break. Unable to take care of himself, his thin frame became skeletal. The only efforts at self-upkeep was the skin rubbed raw from his attempts to keep clean. Felix was in the hospital for over a month, but happily took to the sterile environment. The methodical and structured place slowly helped heal his mind, and his OCD calmed down a bit, as did his neurosis.

As Felix was about to finally leave the hospital, he was visited by a man who offered him a home at a school where his ability would be trained. Confused at what the man meant, Felix decided to go anyways because he needed a home.


You are the Moon- The Hush Sound

Night on the Sun- Modest Mouse

La Noyee- Yann Tiersen

Subterrean Homesick Alien- Radiohead

The Tourist- Radiohead

Secret Heart- Feist

Asleep on a Sunbeam- Belle & Sebastian

From the Morning- Nick Drake

Land Locked Blues- Bright Eyes


Felix is extremely quiet; he is neurotic to an extreme, and has found that discussing the things that bother him with others have driven them away from him in the past. This means that he is often found shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot, trying not to burst out with what is bothering him. Felix recompenses with this lack of control surrounding others by having absolute control regarding himself. He is completely obsessive over how things are situated and where things should go, organized to extremes at which a pencil out of place will irk him to no end.

Felix, because of his severe neurosis, has a very difficult time connecting with people. This means that he has very few relationships, even less that are actually functional. When he does somehow create a healthy relationship with someone, he treasures it like none other, and is fiercely loyal to that person. He has some abandonment issues, and when someone treats him like a normal person, can get a bit clingy. He’s still not entirely sure how to interact with people; being kind and cautious is a second nature to him now, because all his life he’s had to worry about driving them away, which scares him. Even aside from this fear though, Felix wants others to be happy. He’s kind-hearted, but rarely has the chance to express this because no one gives it to him.

Felix is an extraordinarily logical person. Because of his limited interactions and personal relationships, he hasn’t really found a range of personalities, and practicality was instilled by his parents at a young age. He likes to work with his hands, both in magic and out, and loves fixing things and taking things apart.

In a fight-or-flight situation, Felix will almost always run. He has no skill in diffusing tension and is easily intimidated. Sometimes, he will try using his ability, but seeing that it is still such a new thing to him, he oftentimes will forget to consciously direct it at anything.



Felix manipulates images; he can create illusions over physical objects and matter. He can project different images onto just about anything, though maintaining projections that are not a part of him are exhausting. Because of his OCD, manipulating things and other people create emotional strain for him, as he wants them to be absolutely perfect. If any part of it falls, all of it falls apart. Felix cannot manipulate anyone’s thoughts directly, nor does he affect emotions. The best he can do is learn about someone and manipulate them with things he think will influence them one way or another.

Power Levels[]

Level 0[]

This is the level that Felix has used for the majority of his life. This means unconscious work; little slips and tricks that could be attributed to sleight of hand. This could be Felix covering a blemish or changing the number on a card. It does not amount to something that requires any breaking of any worldviews or normal thought. It is not super influential, either. If someone were to feel that something is wrong with what they are seeing, they could probably figure out that they’ve been tricked within 10-15 minutes or think that they saw something wrong.

Level 1[]

This level can keep someone occupied for a bit longer. Illusions can be handled and inspected and, for the time being, appear perfectly normal.

Level 2[]

The illusions at this level become more complex; rather than just making a blemish disappear or increasing body fat, he can now change some things as small as facial features, though he still has a great deal of trouble with accuracy, so mimicking someone else’s appearance is still far out of reach. Most things at this level are raw ability with no direction.

Level 3[]

At level 3, Felix is able to make his illusions more persuasive for longer periods of time, about an hour or so. This is also the level at which someone will break a belief they’re not entirely sure about-- if one of Felix’s illusions points to something they don’t much know about, they will most likely accept it. Felix can now manipulate several things at once, though which each connection, the link to each becomes weaker and weaker, and the images may come across as shadowy or intangible.

Level 4[]

At this level, Felix can make more complicated illusions. He still cannot project a picture in the air, and must have something to work on, but now there are greater details that can be manipulated. He can now also create illusions in sound and smell.[]

Level 5[]

Felix now develops a bit of accuracy. While he is still not very subtle with illusions he projects on purpose, he can now almost replicate things. His ability reaches another level of detail. He can now also manipulate things he can’t see. This means things such as nerve endings and different parts of the body, meaning that he can create pain where there isn’t any, or make someone experience a full-on hallucination, though it would be extremely weak and wavering.

Level 6[]

At this level, Felix is able to manipulate things he can’t see with a bit more strength and direction. He also has the subtlety to manipulate tastebuds.

Level 7[]

Felix now strengthens in his ability to manipulate the unseen; he is almost adept at this point, and could, if he wanted to, leave someone screaming in illusionary pain.

Level 8[]

At this level, Felix is able to begin projecting illusions into the air, without any base material or foundation to work off of. This means that he can entirely surround someone in a hallucination or sorts, create a dreamworld (or nightmare). However, if someone has strong will power, this will not be extremely believable.

Level 9[]

Felix, at this point, is strong in all respects concerning his powers. He is adept at controlling details, replication, projecting, and his ability to create dreamworlds of illusion is very much honed.

Level 10[]

At this level, Felix has perfected his use of his ability in every sense; it is as natural as breathing to him. He can maintain an almost unlimited number of separate illusions, and does not need to see them. He can replicate an illusions as intricate as his own double, complete with a voice and the sensation of touch were to brush up against it. This kind of illusion would require little effort at this point. Upon reaching his full potential, Felix could leave you in a dreamworld pressing on all of your senses, and no matter how strong your will power, you would be unable to fight it off. It is completely tangible from all angles. It is a new reality.


Felix is a coward when exposed to strawberry pie. Not really, though. (it's secretly key lime)


This is where we put his quotes to get into character.


-Felix likes long walks on the beach and pina coladas. (Except, not really. He hates the sand between his toes. And alcohol is well outside of his control-zone.)