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The reincarnation of Bart Bishop, but not before a total revamp of his character. Age Seventeen.

Character Outline[]


Emmett is a very conflicted person, and not in the angsty sense. He strives to be 'normal', despite his powers making him very hyper, impulsive, and occasionally dangerous. Emmett always tried to make friends, but he was never quite able to control his powers fully, and eventually his power-induced physical tweaks would drive his friends away. He wants to be a hero, and so he tries hard to keep his mind grounded, and think about what a hero would do. Sadly, he acts on impulse - his powers make it almost impossible for him to stay still long enough to think - and then charge in. Along with the fact that the destructive nature of his powers.

It makes it hard for him to actually be himself, but has the story progresses he will get control, and his true colors will show more, along with the normal development.


Battle wear: Emmett wears an abridged version of the classic Flash costume. Consisting of a red, light-weight hoodie, with the classic Flash-logo on the back of it. He also wears dark-red jeans, held by a red belt, which are loosened to avoid restriction. Under his hoodie he wears a heat trapping under-shirt, to keep him warm in most normal situations. His shoes are alsoty wr red, with a more electric and blue flash logo on the sides, they are made of an alien alloy called Tarjin, they are extremely durable, cannot melt, and do not conduct electricity. The final pieces are two metal-cuff he wears on each wrist, they are rather bulky and thick. Each one servers a purpose, the left one acting as an energy monitor, and the right one acts as a multi purpose watch, walkie talkie and camera. He also keeps sunglasses, and other items to cover his face, located in a pouch in his hood. While this has little protection, the light weight material of it all allows him to run without restriction, and dark enough to hide himself in the shadows.


During a short period of time Emmett's mother, Elle Bishop, was able to escape The-Company, which held her due to her powers. Almost instantly Elle and Jacob, Emmett's father, met, and bonded with mutual addiction to mayhem. About a weak into the relationship Elle became pregnant, the sperm of the Flashes too powerful to be held by condoms.The speed traits of the Flash also accelerated the development in the whom, making the pregnancy last one three months. After a month, though, Elle was found by The Company and sent back. Emmett became the son of a single dad.

  • Part of history found under Bolt's*

Unlike the other Flashes, Emmett's father is far from good. Even before Emmett came around he made rent as an international thief, making huge heists. The speed of the Flashes was no longer used for good, but the new Allen was making a healthy living off the black market. Emmett and his father moved from place to place for years, Emmett never catching onto what was going on, he always thought his dad hated staying in one place, which is something he hated as well. At the age of fourteen, when he started watch crime shows, he began to realize what was going on, he confronted his dad about it, telling him off for abusing the powers, and slandering the Allen name. Unable to stand the thought of his father anymore he ran away. For a month he was on his own, living off the lessons his father told him, and hating every minute of having to be so sleazy.

His dad waited to find him, wanting to give his son some breathing time, but never forced him to come back. He gave him the keys to a house boat, told him to stay there if he wanted, and if he ever needed anything to call. Aside from money drops, which are all of a mila second, he hasn't seen his father since. When he found out about the Academy he jumped on the chance to join, hoping to bring back the honor behind the Allen name.


Super Speed[]


Put simple, Emmett is fast, really fast, but not just in running speed, but all aspects. Due to still being young, and not having fully developed powers, though, his brain is not up to the same speed, making him a little blind while running, and many of his side-speed abilities not too useful long-term.

Like the flashes before him Emmett’s body is able to withstand high speeds, as a result his body structure is stronger than most, and even with his small, and almost muscle-less, body he can take some good hits. The speed he has also carries over to his healing process, making him able to heal faster than the normal human, and as his speed increases his healing rate will too. His reading speed is almost impossible, but when he does so the information is temporary, due to his brain not being able to store it all in the window. And when very excited he will talk at super speed, where no one can understand him, and when surprised can actually make small sonic waves from it, when with other speedsters they can understand each other, though.

Electrical Manipulation[]

Emmett’s body is not run on normal nutrients and energy, but instead everything he ingests is converted into electrical power, that runs through his veins. This is both good, in the sense it gives him a huge tank of power for his speed, but when his body actually begins to tire it gives him too much of a charge, which can cause a huge-full body discharge, or explosion. His pet, Bolt, is used to keep his normal energy levels in check, but it cannot take in enough to prevent this discharge.


over time he will begin to control the power, and eventually be able to send it out at will.Most of the time to access it he has to run at speed and try and pump all the energy out (Volt Tackle) and Bolt can be used to draw it out for him, and then he can manipulate it. Usually he can only take out so much, because it is required to run his body, so he has to be careful on how much he uses to attack. He gorges himself often to keep his energy levels up, and has a diet high on carbs and sugar.

Weapon Specialties Will be updated with purchases and level ups*


Level Zero[]

Emmett is far faster than most humans, able to clock in at a good 65 miles per hour and can push himself into 80 miles, for short bursts. However, if he tries to go any faster he will exhaust himself and go boom, much like a stick of dynamite. His electrical powers are not very prominent, taking more of a role as a generator for Emmett, giving him super stamina

Level One[]

Emmett can now control his electrical powers to a small degree, able to draw it out onto his hand to make small attacks with. As a result of him using his electricity he will be slower, due to less power going to just speed.

Level Two[]

Emmett’s super speed powers are now in his brain power as well, allowing him to do things like speed read an encyclopedia in a matter of seconds. The information he gains while speed reading in temporary, he is unable to store so much in such little time, and the amount of time it will stick is dependent on mass. reading through a five page essay could last a few hours, but Harry Potter 5 would stick with him for a half hour at max.

Level Three[]

Emmett can pull more electricity out at once without draining himself too badly, giving him eough energy for a few solid blasts, or....

Volt Tackle- Emmett pushes electricity out of every pore of his body and tackles his opponent. Doing so causes recoil, along with taking a huge toll on his speed for awhile.

Level Four[]

Emmett is no longer bound to his physical attacks, now able to muster enough energy up to send concentrated, long distance, blasts of electricity. Pin Missiles: Similar to Volt Tackle, Emmett surrounds himself in an aura of electricity, but instead of charging at the opponent, he instead disrupts the field, causing a small explosion of power around himself.

Level Five[]

General boost in speed and power, can manipulate the shape of his electricity better, increased aim. Magnetic Charge- Emmett grabs some sort of metal and gives it a powerful magnetic charge. This will either fly to or make other items fly to it, which if placed right can bombard the enemy.

Level Six[]

Another general boost, better with shape manipulation and a boost in the amount of electricity he has available in general. Can also retain information he gains while speed reading for a longer time.

Level Seven[]

Thunder Blade: Emmett charges his fore-arm with electricity, smoothing it into a refined blade. The blade can cut through solid rock and even metal, but at the cause of serious damage of his arm.

Level Eight[]

Emmett can now control his electricity from any part of his body. Able to discharge various blasts from his chest, toes, fore arm, ect. It also draws into an advanced shape manipulation, allowing him to mold hit attacks into more intricate patters and designs to git the scenario.

Level Nine[]

Emmett is now an expert at shape manipulation, able to concentrate and condense his most powerful moves into small threads, or an odd shaped object. Electric Puppets: An advanced shape manipulation technique, Emmett sends volts of electricity into the air and manipulates it into the shape of a human. Using small wires he attaches to his fingers he is able to manipulate them like a classic puppet, but deadlier.

Level Ten[]

Speed Force Control: Emmett is able to tap into the main Flash resource, the speed force. With the aid of this supernatural...thing...he gains the ability to bend, borrow, and give speed.

Steal: Emmett is able to literally syphon the momentum from things around him, allowing him to grab a bullet and have it be frozen in the air.

Lend: He is able to grab onto a person, animal, or lamp and grant it super speed for a small amount of time. He does not literally grant them a power, but instead gives them the momentum needed for extreme speed, which ends as soon as the person, animal or lamp stops.


A huge problem with Emmett's powers is that his electricity runs his body, all food he consumes being turned into it. Without anything other than that to run his body, every time he attacks he uses his energy up. If he uses too much power he could literally die, because his body will shut itself down. As a last resort his body might start generating more electricity, but to do so he has to destroy his tissue, muscle, and other vital parts of his body to convert it to power. As expected this would cause great pain, and long term damage.

Another draw back is in his speed, his body is, as sated above, run on pure electricity. So when he runs he has to use it, this is not a major problem, because it uses up minimal amounts, normally. When he pushes himself, though, or begins to tire from the constant speed his body will react and give him a turbo boost. For a short time he will be refreshed, energized, and run a lot faster, but it is temporary, and ends badly. He usually has about twenty seconds before the electricity builds up, and he 'explodes. (In reality his body just releases a massive amount of electricity at once, and the explosion happens out side of his body. So he is caught in an explosion.) This also may happen if he does not work off his energy, so if he is put on bed rest, or something like that, he usually has to starve himself, to keep his energy levels down. Usually Bolt can drain him of excess, when not during the turbo boost part, but often times Bolt will be injured in battle, and so unable.

Emmett's final, and arguably biggest, is his Electrical Gland*. All of his power comes from a large organ, located in the core of his body, which creates his electricity. If it is damaged Emmett's body will stop producing electricity, running like a normal human body, and temporarily he will lose his power. Along with losing the electricity his speed and stamina will drop, making him nearly normal. The degree of injury will decide how long he goes with out his powers, it can last from a few seconds to a week.

  • Too fit this massive organ, the rest of Emmett's internal-organs are smaller than normal. While shrunken they still preform as normal, due to the speed they work at.


Normal Theme-

Battle Theme:



Name: Bolt Age: Fourteen Appearance: Look to the side

Sphenodon punctatus in Waikanae, New Zealand.jpg

The legs of Bolt are more puffed up, and a faint blue light radiates off his skin. The spikes along his back will randomly spark, and he will also burp sparks from time to time. Species: Tuatara


General Overview of Characteristics:

Strengths: He literally live inside of Emmett. It has the ability to vibrate at massive speed, phasing itself into his body, where he rests inside Emmet’s electrical gland. He shares all the powers of Emmett, because of the shared DNA, but is usually too busy eating Emmett’s energy to do much else.

Weaknesses: Due to his small size he cannot take any damage, and so tends to stay inside of Emmett most of the time. He also cannot take in too much electricity, and normally will have a gradual drain, over time, so he is useless during burst periods.

Likes: Bolt’s favorite food is a nice packet of sugar, he tends to hang out around bright, electrical, lights, for both warmth and power.

Dislikes: He hates water, because of his random sparks he can cause himself pain, along with cold places, because he is cold blooded. He hates other reptiles, and will strike to kill if forced to be near one.

History: When Emmett was two his electrical powers started to develop, and so his body was over flowing with dangerous amounts of energy. His father was able to use connections he had and tried to buy ways to get it, but after multiple failed mechanical plans he had to go for medical approach. He was able to bribe a CIA scientist into helping in, and got Bolt.

Bolt was developed as a test-tube hybrid, formed from a combinations of Tutara, due to their superior evolutionary versatility, and an electric eel. Sporting the three main electric-organs of an eel, and a splice of Emmett’s own DNA. With an engineered metabolism that is so slow it only runs normal with the massive energy it can drain enormous amount of Power from Emmett, keeping him in place.


Level Zero: Bolt can phase through matter, he only does with Emmett. he is capable of consuming electricity, by eating or absorbing it, and can run at great speed.

Level One: Can now gift power to Emmett, instead of just controlling Emmett’s.

Level Two: Can now run at equal speed to Emmett, and is so great to break locks from the inside, and other small tasks.

Level Three: Can now phase through matter other than Emmett, can be use with Emmett’s ‘Sight through Circuitry”

Level Four: Can manage to phase into other humans, and become solid with in them, doing so severely hurts him, but will do massive damage to the receiver.

Level Five: Emmett now can control him, while using ‘Sight through Circuitry”.