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Elizabeth "Eli" Freeman, born December 20th, 203-, is the child of Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance, named after Alyx's father Eli Vance. She is from the Half-Life universe. In 204-, at age 18, while the Rebellion has had a great measure of success since the Seven Hour War in 202-, the Combine are powerful still and reign in some areas of Europe. Gordon and Alyx, being the de facto leaders of the Rebellion, have been compelled to follow the Rebellion as it migrated from eastern Europe to those areas where the Combine have command. In her spare time, despite her parents' disapproval, she hunts down headcrabs and Combine soldiers.

The trusty red crowbar.

She wears a Hazardous Environment suit (HEV) which is powered up by batteries and wall chargers that are inexplicably scattered around. It allows her to have increased speed, strength, stamina, endurance, and capacity for carrying plenty of items. She also has a red crowbar, which proves to be endlessly useful for all sorts of things.

Her crowbar was handed down to her from her father, Gordon, who finally got laid when he decided to drop the mute act and do Alyx already.

Character Outline[]


When the suppression field was deactivated, it left the members of the Rebellion free to do... well, whatever they liked.

So was born Eli. She grew up in a very hectic environment, with the Earth in a state of peril from the Combine takeover. When she was caught one too many times sneaking out and beating headcrabs up with a stick as a kid, her parents decided that if she had to do it, she might as well be safer, and got her a cheap protection suit. She now has a full HEV Mark IV suit, as she's big enough to fit into one now. It fits her like a glove.


She's got a sense of humor, but she also tends to focus on the task at hand when needed, reverting into a silent state.


Very light brown skin, dark brown hair, brown eyes. Athletic figure, with dark rings under her eyes from her day-to-day activities.


Not until the Combine get wiped out, buddy.


  • Has had a morphine addiction from the age of 14.



HEV Suit and Human Skill[]

Mark IV left, Mark V right. VI is a non-canon concept.

The HEV suit is a powered exoskeleton suit of sorts, the type of thing being tested on soldiers, with much more limited success than in the Half-Life universe. It shields things as powerful as bullets, allowing you to get shot and keep on running. The shield will wear out fast, however, unless its power is replenished. The suit can provide a temporary speed boost when running, that will recharge over time after it has run out. Due to the added power of the HEV suit, Eli is able to keep up a fast run for very extended periods of time without any fatigue. When physical trauma is experienced, the suit will administer morphine for pain relief, and when poisons are introduced into the body, it will administer an antidote.

Eli has abilities outside of the suit, however. She is a relatively fast runner, and very fast at climbing ladders and similar things. Her reflexes are keen.

Level 0[]

Her HEV suit protects her from blunt damage, for around 20 damage on her 100-point shield depending on strength of impact, and allows a sprint 1.5 times faster than normal running, that lasts 5 seconds. This is nowhere near as fast as some of the speedy people of the Academy, however. Her HEV suit has compartments that can cleverly pack and conceal items, though not more than about a cubic feet of items. Administers morphine, and a basic antidote that covers some common poisons.

Level 1[]

Her HEV suit takes blunt damage at 15 damage now, more focused damage (such as machine gun bullets, a knife, or fire, something that doesn't do as much damage as a single direct bullet) at 20, and will be able to take a bullet for 30 damage. More heavy weaponry such as rockets will still obliterate the shield completely, and scratch her up as well. The sprint is 2 times faster than normal running, and lasts 5 seconds still.

Level 2[]

The shield can now take heavy weaponry, and will deplete itself in the process but will not cause Eli any damage as long as the shield is at 100-90. Blunt damage is 5 points, focused 10, and a bullet is 20. Heavy weaponry is 80 damage. Her storage can hold around 1.5 cubic feet now. Strength is increased considerably, and with suit on she can lift 60 pounds of material and toss it around with two hands easily.

Level 3[]

The sprint is 2.5 times faster than normal running, and lasts 6 seconds. There is a Geiger counter implemented now. Antidote covers a few more poisons. There is night vision. Heavy weaponry is 75 damage.

Level 4[]

Upgraded to Mark V suit.

The sprint lasts 8 seconds. There is now a Long Jump Module, which will enable Eli to jump three times her normal distance and two times her normal height, as long as she can have a small running start, and crouch before the jump. Storage can hold a small arsenal's worth of weapons, such as might be found in a video game, like, Half-Life 2, or something crazy and out of nowhere like that. The Geiger counter will detect waves other than radiation, but nothing beyond science. Eli now has the Hornet gun, which fires homing projectiles at enemies and friends alike. While these do only damage akin to scratching your knee, they circle and hit again and again before expiring. It can fire 5 projectiles, which hit 5 times each, before being exhausted and needing to take 10 seconds to recharge. (does not use ammunitions) Antidote covers poisons from basic to moderate.

Level 5[]

Heavy weaponry is now only 70 damage. Sprint lasts 9 seconds. Lifting strength is 80 pounds. Hornet gun can fire 7 projectiles and recharges over 8 seconds. Eli now has a Gravity Gun, which picks up objects around 30 pounds or under from up to 50 feet away or so and can throw them as projectiles, or drop them. It can also emit an electrical discharge when close-up that strikes against any objects, moving them depending on weight. A small car can be thrown about ten feet with this charge.

Level 6[]

Heavy weaponry is 65 damage. Sprint is 3 times faster than normal running. Storage space can hold a litter's worth of grown dachshunds. Hornet gun does damage akin to being hit with a wooden rod hard enough to bruise.

Level 7[]

Heavy weaponry is 50 damage, a bullet is 15 damage.

Level 8[]

Upgraded to Mark VI suit. Shield now maxes at 200 points.

Sprint lasts 10 seconds. The Geiger counter now detects all sorts of waves and particles, making it handy for discovering wave, transmission, or concealment based superpowers being used. It must be at least 6 feet from the particles being detected, however. The Long Jump Module can increase Eli's jump power to 5 times that of a non-powered jump, as long as she can still have a running start. Jump height is increased to 3 times that of Eli's normal jump. Direct contact with the suit by anyone can cause electric shock at Eli's will. The hornet gun fires 10 projectiles, and takes 6 seconds to recharge. The antidote covers a large repertoire of poisons, including most that anyone would be likely to use.

Level 9[]

The Gravity Gun can pick up objects around 70 pounds and under from up to 100 feet away (relative to weight and distance), and can throw them at surprising speeds. It can release a discharge when within 15 feet of the target that is heavy enough to throw a truck twenty or thirty feet, or crack open a mountain face pretty seriously.

Level 10[]

The suit now has a built-in flashlight.



Other Stuff[]


Eli has a pet headcrab, named Lamarr. Lamarr is basically useless in combat and so does not count as a familiar. If Eli were to get a familiar, it would probably be a robotic dog, modeled after her mother's Dog.