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Claude is the offspring of Gambit from X-Men. He closely resembles his father, but lacks the degree of matter control he does, instead having a far greater mind control.

A shiny Gambit has appeared!


Claude has little respect for authority, unless you count him thinking he is the authority. He always side steps the school official, but yet is never even on their radar. The simple reason is that he is a frame man, whenever he feels close to the edge, he sets someone up to go down for him. This is usually someone who clings to him, hoping to be his friend, or just too dumb to see what he is doing to them (Emmett) Every move he makes is for something, he never does something just to do it, there is always some over-arching scheme in the mix, something to make it worthwhile. He believes nothing is set in stone, and that it is all under human control. Preferably his control.

Seemingly harmless, Claude has a sense of false friendliness, he makes people cling to him, want to be him, and never disappoint him. While he seems nice, though, he is a huge douche. He never really thinks of you as a friend, just a monkey who can, hopefully, entertain him for awhile. In the back of his mind you are always being judges, every word you speak, each move you make, he judges it, and they are rarely good things. If he gets close to you it is rarely good, especially if you are the same gender, because it will probably be to set you up, somehow.




Claude has the same powers of his father, but switched in expertise.

He has a minor form of mind control, able to convince people of whatever he wants, and later in the story morph memories. If he tries,but not until far later in the story, he can temporarily morph your personality, the effect would be the same as simple manipulation, but less obvious. Basically, instead of having a simpleminded drive to do the command, he would make them want to do it, and so while commanding them, make it less zombie-like. Unlike his father, though, he can use this even when the subject knows about it. He sparingly uses this ability, though, finding it to be like cheating, and always tries to use his natural charm. When he does it is usually on missions, where he doesn't have the ability to gamble on it.

The other power is energy control, he uses bio-kinetic energy which his body creates to charge object. The size of the object effects the result, the larger the more he needs to make explode, and so will often either 'pop' or melt as a result. Like his father he will often use playing cards for this, because of their low tolerance to the energy, and light weight size, they will act as a pack of easy to carry bombs. Though, in the beginning, not even the small cards are guaranteed to explode by his powers. This is due to the lower control he has of the power in general.