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Bea as she would appear in MapleStory

Beatrice "Bea" Bocci is a character from the Academy for Heroes-In-Training storybook series. She made her first appearance in The Fifth Academy. Bea originates from the MapleStory universe. Her father is Jano, leader of the Sand Bandits of Ariant, and her mentor is Eckhart, one of the five Chief Cygnus Knights and head of the Night Walkers branch.



As Jano was something of a swinger, Bea was never quite sure who her mother was, and still isn't: she has expressed hope that it's Eleska, a Sand Bandit she particularly admires.

As a child, Bea was left at home with Jano's parents a lot when Jano and the Bandits went raiding. As she and her grandparents both grew older, and her grandparents took to napping during the day, Bea began sneaking out to watch her father at work. Between observing Jano's tactics and keeping herself hidden from him, Bea became quite stealthy in her own right.


When Bea was about thirteen, the corrupt Queen Areda announced that all transportation between the Nihal Desert, where Ariant and the alchemists' city Magatia are located, and Orbis, the central transportation hub of the Ossyria continent, would be cut off. She claimed it was to preserve the natural state of the desert, saying the tourism was bad for it, but her real motive was to prevent nosy travellers exposing her self-serving monarchy to the rest of the world (or for any Ariant natives to spread the word by travelling from , and said that work would begin soon to put a stop to the air-genie service. Not long after the announcement was made, an ambassador from Ereve, Eckhart, arrived in Ariant to meet with the queen, hoping to change her mind. It was then that Eckhart discovered Bea, who sneaked into the conference room and stayed for the entire length of the audience: Eckhart was the only one who knew she was there. Afterwards, Eckhart approached Bea and offered to tutor her in the ways of the stealthy Night Walker. They discussed it with Jano: the biggest problem with the idea was that if the air-genies were shut down, Bea would not be able to come back to visit Jano as long as Areda ruled Ariant. Eventually, Bea agreed to the apprenticeship and, swearing to one day remove Areda from the throne and restore Ariant's connection to Orbis, bid Jano and the Sand Bandits a tearful farewell.

Bea spent the next three years studying and training under Eckhart, learning about throwing-stars and mainly physical aspects of stealth; as Eckhart said, the positioning of one's physical form was paramount, and adding magical energy to the equation could only do so much otherwise. The only energy-based skill Bea was taught at this point was Dark Sight, which could render her fully invisible for a brief period.


Once Bea successfully advanced to Knight-In-Training, she was sent to Victoria Island to investigate groups of monsters behaving strangely. The phenomenon was tracked to a boy named Frances the Puppeteer, a member of the sinister Black Wings group. Bea defeated Frances and shut down his operation, then returned victorious to Ereve where she was promoted to Official Knight and given a Mimiana egg to raise.

The next few months were spent at Ereve caring for her egg: more time was then spent raising the Mimiana hatchling. It was shortly before Mimiana's eyes opened and it transitioned to its Mimio stage that the ambassadors from the Academy arrived: Professors Link and Potter.

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