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Those lunar eyes.

Alexis Anastasia Nolvai[]

Known more commonly as Alex, Alexis Nolvai was born in lower Manhattan on Christmas' Eve, 1992. Her parents were zealous activists and took time away from Alex as a small girl to counter-protest at anti-mutant rallies across the country. She is the granddaughter of Jean Grey. She is notably defined by her "absent-ness" in common life, accompanied by a tendency to mutter deep, abstract phrases while in a dazed state. Alex has an array of mental disorders; of the group, the most pronounced is schizophrenia. She has a tendency to switch personalities swiftly and very frequently will stare off into nothingness. She is a character in the Academy For Heroes-In-Training storybook series, as found on the Young Writer's Society.


Click, bang! went the gun. Alex's earliest memory was the murder of her parents on Christmas Eve, 1997. The five-year-old girl pulled the hood of her sweatshirt tightly around her neck and ran into the City's night as swiftly as she could. With tears in her eyes, she told her story to the policemen that night. The tears never did leave her eyes, really. She was placed in a 'care' facility for the remainder of her average life. Beginning that night, she suffered nightmares and seizures. The nightmares grew horrifically worse with time, and, eventually sent her kicking and screaming into a psychiatric ward. She was a thirteen.

Alex fought for her escape by any means possible. She played the good girl; she played the bad girl. She suffered her caretakers and attempted starving herself. Nothing, however, would get her out of the ward. With time, however, she began noticing strange events happening around her. Small objects would appear where, before, there were no objects. Nearing her sixteenth birthday, she began having out-of-body experiences, even going so far as encountering the dreams of her roommate. One of the orderlies noticed the strange behavior and contacted an agency regarding a boarding academy for youths with peculiarities such as hers.


Valium Eyes Theme

Psyche Dancer Theme

Little Miss Tragic Theme (Later Levels)


Reserved and to herself, Alex watches your every move. Her mind sways like ocean waves and her eyes are always distant. Don't be fooled, she cares about you and all that goes on around her; her medications just have her six feet under. Quietly, she can ponder for hours in her room about anything or nothing at all. Noises frighten her and bright lights distract her. She loves the dark, the dark and the color purple. She adores candles and flames, but not large flames; no, they must be small, minute as a baby's fingernail. Rhythm relaxes her, but only if it is steady and peaceful. The sound of a breathing piano calms her fears and worries, but the anxiety returns before morning. She can't seem to find her joy.


She has a shell, Alexis does, and she is scared to leave it. Try as you wish and you may succeed in coaxing her out, but be gentle with her; she's fragile and may shatter under the touch.

She sings to herself unknown songs that she formulates in her mind. She writes poetry and reads books, yes, lots of books. The way her eyes move on the letters and pages, it's like a lighthouse beacon searching for a ship; she digs for jewels in the literary promised lands.

She recoils from anyone's touch unless she is accustomed to the feel of their skin, their breath, and their aura. She pretends that she is a wonderful pianist when touching someone she loves as she trails her fingers in steady scales on the skin.

Alex does not believe in a god or heaven or hell. Instead, she believes in Zen and the heaven created when there is balance in life. Sanity and calamity. Beauty and despair. Bliss and agony. Everything must meet in the middle. Everything must be equal.

She wants to believe in people; she wants to believe in herself.



Alex's main powers are in the form of psychic energy--mental power that is manifest in either energetic, kinetic, or intangible forms. The main focus of her Psychic power lies within her growing mastery of telekinesis. However, she also proves herself as a telepath (she considers it also tied in with her Astral powers), along with a wielding of buff/siphoning powers dealing with mental energy. Much focus is needed within Telekinesis, however. Alexis' ability to move things with her mind ranges greatly in strength, all depending on which "level" she attains. At entry-level zero, she can extend her reach beyond her hands and move light objects such as knives and drinking glasses. At the highest level, she is able to move immensely heavy objects such as cars with ease. However, she cannot shift any heavier object. At times, she may move more than one object at a time, but with more focus.

Telekinesis may prove hazardous to Alexis if she attempts too much at once, placing a strain on both her mind and her physical brain. If a limit is bypassed unnaturally, she could easily die from an aneurysm.

Astral Projection[]

Out-of-body experiences. Alex had the hardest time grasping her sanity around this ability, but it also proves to be the most useful. At entry-level, Alexis may leave her body and view the immediate physical world through the eyes of the spiritual world. This allows her a sort of 'sixth sense' of presence. She may also interpret simple, one-layer dreams while projected onto the spiritual plane as if they were her own. At the highest point, Alexis may enter the spiritual world and traverse great distances in a very short time. She may also scan present, past, and future dreams and aspirations of a single person while they are asleep, and thus connected more to the spiritual world. Her greatest power, however, regarding Astral Projection is the ability to possess a body for a set time. This is much easier to do with a highly-religious person or someone who is naturally closer to the spirit realm.

The risks of this ability arise most frequently when Alexis is without her psychotic medications. When her own grasp on reality is shaky, she may easily lose her anchor to the real world and never return. She believes that, if this ever happened, she would merely cease to respond in the physical world, but still be alive. Thus, she has much reason to fear the spiritual world.

Power Levels[]

Level 0[]

Kinesis. Alex may lift and move small objects with her mind as an extension of her physical arms. At this level, she may control small objects such as knives and drinking glasses, or anything of similar weight and size. Scouter. She may also detach her spirit from her body in order to view the physically unseen around her as a sort of detection device. Dream Reader. Her favorite ability is the ability to decipher dreams of a person she is able to touch physically.

Level 1[]

She may now apply more focus more easily to her telekinesis, manipulating objects a bit heavier than before. She may now control objects up to the weight of a medium-sized porcelain lamp, or a large textbook. Her projection abilities remain relatively the same, other than a slight increase to clarity of spiritual vision and dream vision.

Level 2[]

The number of objects Alex may control increases (by different numbers, depending on weight and size). Her endurance increases at this level. Impression. She gains the ability to commune with someone spiritually, though not clearly. At this level, the communication is like a spiritual nudge or tug--some sort of impression, though unclear as to what it is.

Level 3[]

Reversal. Alex may now concentrate her psychic energy into a weak physical form: Psionic Energy. These small essences are pure energy and attach to the neural system of the body, causing pain or relieving pain depending on the nervous state. (i.e. if a person is in pain, it relieves pain; if they are fine, then it pains them)

Level 4[]

At level four, Alex receives an endurance boost. Her attack speed and power also increase, along with a gradual increase in mental weight capacity. Array. Alex gains the ability to manifest her psychic powers into beam-form. These beams/rays deal very small damage, and purpose themselves as moderate immobilization techniques, or even holds/confuse rays. At this level, Alex has very little control over which effects are dealt, though this control improves later on. The lasting effects do not linger for very long, however, and are much quicker to fade on stronger enemies.

Level 5[]

Alex's ability to impress on the spirits of others improves at this level, gaining the ability of clear meaning. Her astral powers become more in-tune and her range for astral scouting increases by a good deal. The number of objects her Kinesis may hold increases, again in proportion to weight and size.

Level 6[]

Siphon. Alex gains the ability to siphon off mental energy from another person via direct touch. The absorption process takes a while, so it should not be used in direct combat. Given a great deal of time, this ability could absorb an entire energy reserve from a body and restore Alex's power. This ability is difficult to use frequently and may result in a backfire if pushed too quickly. The Array power gains control over confusion.

Level 7[]

All previous abilities (except for Siphon) gain a boost at this level. Power, quickness, range, capacity, and clarity all increase by a decent amount. Array power gains control over immobilization.

Level 8[]

Alex may now lift objects as heavy as a motorcycle, though only one at a time. At this point, she may completely detach her spirit from her body and walk the spirit world, though she must return to her body within a given time, depending on energy reserve. Siphon receives a speed bonus at this level and her Reversal power becomes more intention-based rather than reversal-based. Her mastery of the neural systems becomes more pronounced at this level and her accuracy increases. Array power gains control over sleep (limited time control).

Level 9[]

Schism. Alex now may (carefully) detach a spirit from a body, though not permanently. It is a form of paralyzing rather than downing. With focus, she may separate an ally's body from spirit in order to reach the spirit world, though her energy is depleted at a more rapid pace than normal in order to sustain a link between the three objects. Possession. Alex is now capable of embodying another individual in place of their own spirit. This ability requires the abandonment of her own body to do so and will not last for long. However, in this state, Alex has complete (though not refined) control over the individual's strength and abilities. Thus, the more she knows about the person, the better the possession will be.

Level 10[]

Alex may now control objects as heavy and as large as cars and trucks, though it demands much energy and focus. Phantom. She may now disembody herself and traverse the spirit world as a form of transportation (her body becomes a form of energy and travels alongside her). Her dream-reading abilities improve greatly at this level; she is now able to consult the dreams of past, present, and future of a person and his aspirations.


As a human, Alexis is very intolerant of extreme temperatures and flesh wounds. While her mind stands generally immune to psionic assaults and conditions like confusion and malaise, Alex lacks any sort of physical defense unless buffed by armor, devices, energy or teammates.

When in physical form, Alex has an average jump height, albeit a modestly higher speed than typical humans when running.


Alexis owns a small cockatoo named Spektre. Spektre is an odd array of gray and black feathers with red streaks across his crown and wings. He is not a familiar, but a pet that she keeps in a cage at all times.



  • "I think the world is like a Phoenix, Ephraim. Maybe she just needs to burn for a bit to show her beauty."
  • "The soul, I think, should be as free as a little girl when she paints with her fingers. Or a bird taking its first flight...that sense of liberty, of boundless's what life should be."
  • "You're a light to me, Lee. You are fresh air--a quiet hope and a warm blush on my cheeks. You're like my own personal Jesus."
  • "I envy you, Emmett. I do. I'd give anything to be as fast as you--to be able to outrun my problems like you."
  • "I feel like I should be hiding under my covers during a thunderstorm or holding onto the doorframe to my parents' bedroom, afraid of the monsters behind my eyelids. Or maybe I should be leaning against a tree in the cold autumn, drawing my coat around my neck to keep the wind out of my veins. Either way, I feel aimless. Lost."
  • "There's this, this boundless chill that grips you when you're standing alone in a field or when you gaze up into the winter sky. Seeing the limitless space around you and feeling so small, so insignificant...there's a joy in that, too; but it's a silent joy that can't be explained."


  • Alexis was formally introduced in the second installment of the Academy For Heroes-in-Training as Alexis Pyreta, a fire adept hailing from the Golden Sun world.
  • Alexis is a psychosis patient to an unnamed doctor. In the second Academy, it was explained that Professor Isaac Dawno dispelled Ardea, the schizophrenic persona from Alex's mind in return for attempting Nolan's life.
    • The attempt failed, but Dawno's bargain did not.
  • Alexis is driven by Lumi.
  • She is emotionally based on Harper from Angels in America.
  • Alexis resides on the third floor of the girl's dorms, Gotham Hall, along with her roommate, Kiat.