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Academy for Heroes-in-Training (Redux) is the current name of the second incarnation of the A4HiT storybook on YWS. Its Discussion topic was opened on 07/04/2010, before the storybook was released five days later. Its premise was for the most part the same as its predecessor.

Many changes were made in the re-tooling of the storybook. Dorms were now assigned randomly to characters as they were accepted. A full list of classes and teachers were made, as well as a timetable and complete map of the Academy. A main antagonist, QM, was also introduced.


Most of the characters are present for Headmaster Kent's welcome speech: Gratian attempts to sneak in (a nod to the previous storybook) but is caught and escorted to his dorm. The students are given a week to get used to the campus and meet people; however, Deirdre tricks Zeke into going to class on the first day, resulting in Zeke racing across campus repeatedly, quickly making an enemy of Corda. Similarly, Bart has gotten on Nolan's nerves, and he and Corda soon become friends based on their hatred of the speedsters. Nolan is not the only one Bart gets on the wrong side of: he steals Materia orbs belonging to his roommate Kumo and is consequently hunted down in a high-speed chase. By this time one of the orbs is in Nolan's hands, and it's a long time before Kumo sees it again.

Things don't improve later in the day: Bart, having discovered Nolan lied to him, sets about retrieving the other orb; Gratian wanders into Nolan's room by accident and is bitten by Corda's snake before being rescued by roommate Jen; and Samantha, prone to randomly fainting and falling into comas, does so the moment she steps onto the campus. Kiat is repeatedly shunned by roommate Nolan (and unintentionally by other characters as well). Isaac Dawno, the alias of QM is seen for the first time, and shows a special interest in Bart and Nolan. Alexis also arrives at the Academy, followed by Alicia and Arthur. Soon after a food fight in the cafeteria, during which Bart and Nolan increase their enmity tenfold and Zeke and Kiat sustain eye injuries, classes begin. Zeke, assisted by Collumon, goes Super for the first time.

bleah, i need help with this plot. Or maybe I just need sleep.


A third Academy storybook is in development.


  • Though Kumo appeared in the previous storybook, this is the first appearance of her familiar Pez.

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