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Academy for Heroes-in-Training (Original) was the first A4HiT storybook made. Its Discussion topic was created February 22nd, 2009, one day before the storybook itself began. Its premise was to follow the lives of a group of young people that were descended from the well-known superheroes of the past as they began their own legacy at the Academy, an institution that would teach them to use their abilities effectively.

This incarnation of the storybook was the most basic in its design. Players were essentially given free reign regarding class attendance and dorm allocations, enabling them to choose roommates, and the teachers and NPCs were created as they were needed. A mechanic that was somewhat different to most YWS storybooks was the level-up system: a player's posts would gain them "experience" enabling their character to grow in level and gain new powers, allowing for committed storybookers who posted frequently to grow faster.


The story begins with each student arriving at the Academy in turn. Zeke ends up in a dorm with Kumo, Aislara with Eden (much to both of their chagrin) and Nick with Kori (who was phased out quickly as the player dropped out). Slim shows up for revenge against Nick for betraying him when they had been roomies at the Academy together (creating a plothole, as Nick had just arrived at the Academy that day). Other characters such as Jen, Gratian and Self arrive later.

Kenneth Robotnik, a long-time "friend" of Zeke's, is present at the Academy already, and proceeds to grate on both Zeke's and Kumo's nerves. Zeke reveals his past with Kenneth to Kumo, who proposes they get him back by pranking him. However, they are discovered by Eden who alerts Kenneth ahead of time in exchange for a mechanical grappling gun. Kenneth catches Zeke in the act and, mistaking his petty prank for vandalism, prepares to send Zeke to the Headmaster (it is implied that Kenneth is a prefect or something similar) before Zeke reminds Kenneth of his last prank (after which Kenneth had gotten violent and attacked Zeke). Kenneth reconsiders and simply sends Zeke back to his dorm.

Nick is confronted by Slim, but recognises him (or at least his ancestry) driving him off. Meanwhile, Aislara decides to try and interact with Eden, and they sit down at the cafeteria for lunch. They silently consume their meals before they are joined by Slim, who is looking for like-minded fellows to recruit. He "convinces" Aislara and Eden to let him bunk in their cabin, and then leaves, encountering Zeke and Kumo fresh from their prank attempt. Though infuriating Kumo within minutes, he manages to gain some of Zeke's trust with his acknowledgement of Zeke's often-overlooked world. Eventually, he and Kumo make some form of peace.

The next day, Zeke and Nick meet during their speedster session. Afterwards, Nick attends a supernatural weaponry class, meeting Jen. An unfortunate mishap destroys the classroom: no one is injured, but everyone is nonetheless sent to the infirmary (including Zeke, who came running when he heard the explosion; Kumo who follows everyone to the infirmary, mainly to find out if Zeke is injured; and Self Explanatory, having arrived late to class and fallen madly in love with Jen).

Meanwhile, Gratian arrives late to the Academy and attempts to sneak in; however a rainstorm impedes his progress and eventually causes him to injure himself. He later wakes up in the infirmary, surrounded by many of the other characters. The storybook ends with the main characters sneaking out of the infirmary using Nick's time-bending ability.


After the short life of the first storybook, a second was put into action, which lasted longer, but eventually ceased activity. A third was established September 29th, 2010, which continued the trend of being unsuccessful. A fourth storybook in the series exists somewhere I think BUT WHAT DO I KNOW I AM A WEBSITE


  • As well as many playable characters, this storybook marks the only appearance (thus far) of Kenneth Robotnik.
  • It also marks the only appearance of a character named AnnaBell Crowell, whose ancestry and powers were unknown as no profile for the character was ever posted. The character was seen signing into the Academy and then apparently vanished forever.

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