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This article is about the third storybook. For the first storybook, see Academy for Heroes-in-Training (Original). For the second storybook, see Academy for Heroes-in-Training (Redux).

Academy for Heroes-in-Training (sometimes referred to as Academy III, Acad3my and Academy: Okay We're Trying This Again) is the third (and most recent) incarnation of the series of storybooks of the same name on the YWS website.

This storybook is run by Kara Hargreaves, as opposed to chibibo who ran the two predecessors, and along with the change in management comes a number of changes in-story, one of the most important of which is the storybook becoming exclusive. The Academy itself is now set on a world encompassing more than just the Academy itself: a large city exists to the south-west of it, and smaller towns are scattered across the outskirts of the world; two of which "guard" forest areas and the third of which is a port town to the south. The northern border is framed by a mountainous range. The lake is connected by rivers to both the waterfall to the north and the ocean to the south-east.

Rather than having classes like before, the characters will be given a brief training period in which they practise their skills in simulated situations, after which they will be assigned to field missions led by the Academy officials. These field missions will probably include patrol, foiling of crimes like bank robberies and car jackings as well as more serious offences like supervillainy. It is speculated that some missions will require the groups to travel to other "realities" such as those they have come from.

The levelling-up system has also been adapted. Experience is no longer determined solely by the number of posts made, but by the length of a post. 300 words gets you one point, with a maximum of 5 being earned per post. The points are no longer automatically added to a character's level, either: the new Shop feature allows a player to spend their points on things like level-ups, familiars (and level-ups for them), weapon upgrades and more.

The Discussion area of the new storybook is in the form of a "Club", which allows different threads to be used for different topics of discussion relating to the same storybook.

This storybook was in development for about a week, and was planned to release September 28th, 2010. However, it was finally released on the 29th, with the first post made by Ephraim vi Britannia.